Stoltz Image Consulting

Elaine Stoltz, AICI CIM, is one of only ten certified image consultant masters in the world. She has been providing personal image consulting services for clients across the United States for 25 years and is the founder and president of Stoltz Image Consulting. Stoltz Image consultants help clients (women and men) achieve their individual image related goals and develop confidence in their appearance.

Stoltz Image specializes in visual appearance, positive first impressions, custom color and body shape analyses, cosmetic makeovers, personal shopping, wardrobe evaluations, and outfit creations. After completing the consultation(s), clients can present a positive first impression by wearing flattering colors and styles that enhance their own natural beauty. The wardrobe is current and fabulous outfits have been created ready to wear at a moment's notice.

Stoltz Image Consulting is known for saving clients an enormous amount of money. There are no mistakes hanging in the closet. No matter what a client's economic status is, to look and feel great does not have to be a luxury.

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Stoltz Image Institute

The Stoltz Image Institute founded and directed by Elaine Stoltz, trains, certifies and mentors aspiring personal image consultants from around the globe. The Stoltz Image Institute offers certified training courses for personal image consultants. The Institute specializes in first impressions, customized color analyses, body shape and style analyses, wardrobe evaluations, outfit creations, and personal shopping. Additionally, as a successful business woman herself, Elaine teaches the nuances of starting and running a personal image consulting business.

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Stoltz Image Cosmetics

Stoltz Image Cosmetics and Skin Care line was created in 1990. Only the finest cosmetic and skin care products are included in the line. With an expert eye for color, an image consultant/makeup artist selects the perfect shade of lipstick, blush, and eye shadow. She also formulates a custom-blend makeup foundation that matches the skin tone. The Stoltz Image Cosmetics and Skin Care line is continually updated with the newest technology available. Skin care products are tested for visual results before they are brought into the line.

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